You Raped Her (Poetry)

Facts! You despise her

Enthralled by her beauty

Repulsed by her vulnerability

You Raped Her



You killed her protectors

Stripped her bare

Uncovered her nakedness

With no cares

You thrust yourself deep into her secret parts

Extracting her most precious resources

Polluting her most pristine places

No recourse

No redress

Obsessed you became obsessed

With the promise of what she had to offer



Exploitive user

Demented souls

Fragmented pieces never making whole

Filled with passion you burned with lust

Broken promises

Faded trust

No remorse

In search of your next victim

A better her

Watery bliss

Taking your breathe away

Out of this world

Observing her deep curves

You are fooling yourself

You can’t escape

The bond you have

No one can

Not even you

Ashes to ashes

Live with it!

#motherearth #haadamah #protecttheland

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About Author
Emunah Y’srael is an expert in DIY Soul Improvement with over 20 years actively dedicated to her own soul journey. She is the creator of the a myriad of self-improvement projects. Emunah has authored to date four books, all available on amazon.

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