Word is Born (Poetry)

Give me what you got
I’m little and I don’t have a lot
Naked and scared

I feel like an alien here
I’m hungry now, will you feed me?

Who are all these people gathered around me?

Come closer let me feel your energy

Lady with the milk I need you

Nestle me in your arms
Protect me safe from harm

And while we are on the subject
Why didn’t you warn me it would be like this?
Forcibly ejected from my watery endemic bliss

Out here everything fluctuates
Up then down, hot then cold
By the way I feel like I’m getting old

Where am I what type of world is this?

I am a soul you gave me a name

Do you understand they are not the same

Why must you label me,
What if it’s mistaken identity?

A bad name can take me in the wrong direction

Do you know how much reflection I would have to do to get back to me?

Please mommy and daddy, grannie and gramps, uncle and cousins, friends and aunts

I’m going to need you to help me once again

I know you feed, soothe and take care of me, I have just one more plea
Please point me in the right direction
I came to finish an important mission,
I need to reconnect with source, I heard down here many souls get lost

I know it’s a big responsibility
You all are my instructors so you have to help me:

Get this right
Get this right
Get this right


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