The Case of “Two Pacs,” Curious Picture of ‘Tupac’ and Madonna Resurfaces, Causing Identity Crisis

For those of us into the correct retelling of history, pictures like this one are enough to raise questions and eyebrows. The proverbial saying hindsight is twenty-twenty rings loud and true in this age of social media, Photoshop and the YouTube. The latter gives us the ability to binge watch literal decades in a manner days, go us.

Over the last few weeks, I called myself, “taking a break,” from my usual studies. About 100 YouTube clicks later, I had drifted off into the world of all things Tupac Shakur. Have you ever sworn you remembered events childhood that as an adult, it looks strangely different? You find yourself scratching your head like, when did that happen or I don’t remember that.

I distinctly recollect when I first heard and saw the video for Brenda’s got a baby. I remember Tupac as Bishop in Juice that’s when he and I had a falling out in my mind. I couldn’t get pass the hall scene when he rolled up on Omar Epps Character, come on don’t act like you didn’t jump when he closed the locker door. Any who, the more I watched the Tube, the more fascinating his life story became to me. I saw his pain, his life, and his wild disposition in an entirely new light. For the first time with much training and soul-searching I saw Tupac the man.

Fuel the Fire

So here I was minding my business with a pocket full of research and nowhere to put it. And then, it hit. Every news outline known to the blogosphere started running with the Tupac and Madonna story.
At first, I was going to keep all of my gleanings to myself but then after much reconsideration, I decided, Hey Emunah, why not share some of what you learned.

Now let me say, I was not there, I am not a primary witness and I can not and will not swear surety for Mr. Shakur or his ‘homie’ Madonna. What I can do is share with you what I came across in my cultural studies, yeh, I like that cultural studies it sounds all collegiate and stuff.

Strange isn’t it, here we go!

Tupac has resurfaced in the news and he continues to prove he is just as relevant deceased as alive he was alive. The rap icon made many predictions when he was alive and having people talking about him way after his physical life expired was one of them. The release of the All Eyes on Me bio-pic and the recent Madonna prison letter has thrust the star back into the spotlight once again

On the anniversary of his 46th Birthday Madonna took to Twitter with this photo, it shared generated some buzz around the fifty-nine-year-old pop legend.

Aside from the picture, Madonna appeared on of the Howard Stern show some years ago confessing that during early 94’ she and Tupac ‘dated.’ There are a few witnesses who confessed to the two of them “hooking up,” two of whom indicated that Madonna was proactive in pursuing Shakur.



The Two Pacs

Here is a picture of a mystery Pac with Madonna at what appears to be the same event. The photographer’s credit is only on one photo. Could this be the original?

1: Copy Write: 11. 04. 1994
2: Subject: Rapper Tupac Shakon bei Basketballspiel in Miami

3. Photographer: Michael Leshay

So let’s get started, first the man pictured above looks absolutely nothing like Tupac Amaru Shakur, I suppose the old adage, “all black people look-alike to me,” should be blamed for this mix-up.

Secondly, another hint that this may be the same picture is Madonna herself. Pictured here in the same place exact pose, same exact clothes.

  1. Mouth agape
  2. Eyes glossy and dazed.
  3. Two pink hairclips pinned in the front her slick back hair do.
  4. Her knitted shirt is the same with the rose accented skirt
  5. Folded arms in lap

But wait, there is more

The mystery Pac  and Tupac’s appear to share the same body in the same pose with the same outfit on. A black vest, gold chain hanging in the same place, right arm leaning on the same right leg and left on off to the same side.


These blatant similarities beg a number of questions about the mysterious ,“Two Pacs” photo. But wait there is more, this last observation is indisputable. Take another look, the muscular mahogany arms of the man pictured in the photo are notable perfectly spotless. Yes spotless, not one drop of ink from the tattoo artist pen is visible.


The fact that the Madonna and countless news outlets have re-shared the picture of the “Two Pacs” is astonishing. She captioned the photo “Happy Birthday Tupac,” and even made reference to her “dumb a*@ facial expression.” Not sure what that was about.

By now you may be asking yourself what are you driving lady, what is this suppose to mean? Well I am not totally sure but what I can do is leave you with a question,

Which Pac do you think  Madonna was on a ‘date’ with that night?

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