The Break Up (Poetry)

You seem to think or maybe not
You are the brains behind us
I am at your mercy
My impulses compel me
To live out your fantasies
You entice me deeper
Life seems to get harder
I sit and wish I was smarter
It was your “master plan”
Sounded good at the time
So I listen in

I followed your schemes
I nurtured your dreams
They seemed plausible
Highly probable

Remember when,
I was so excited
And you jumped with glee
You would always reassure me
“I got you baby”

And then…
Oh, man not again
What now?
I see some i’s with no dots
Some t’s with no crosses

I kept asking you, “How much will this cost us?”

“Don’t worry,” you assured me in your usual tone

Little did I know I would be left alone
Well, where are you now?
Why did you disappear?
No kind words or hope to share
Hiding out till the coast is clear

I’m broken and shattered
Sitting here in pain
Trying to figure out why I did it again?

I knew not to invite you in
Same ol you, same ol game
But something in me thought
I could make you change
Yes, I need someone to blame
I taught you how to seduce me
I’m frustrated because of us
Broken fences with no trust

Forget all that now
It’s over
I’m done
Breaking us off
This time I won’t run
Now I will be quiet
Untill I regain control
Said I to my Ego
I want back my SOUL


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