“That’s the hook,” Self Proclaimed Urban Apologist “Vocab Malone” Reveals the Shocking Similarity between 1 West and Himself

The Hebrew Israelite community at large continues to garner attention from the media, entertainment personalities and of recent a virtual group of so-called Urban Apologist on a mission.

Vocab Malone a pastor out of Phoenix, AZ has aggressively taken Israelites to task on their doctrines, culture and historical claims, positioning himself as the lead in the above mentioned urban apologist “crusadesque” initiative. Malone purportedly a semi-retired rapper and family man prides himself on being heavily into comic books and superhero films. During his many anti-Hebrew Israelite talks you can find this ComiCon enthusiast swelling with joy when he finds occasion to mingle his fictional interests with his version of “urban apologetics.”

In recent weeks he has released his first book, where he promulgates the term “Hebrew Israelism,” the work takes a brief look at the history of 1West and splinter groups termed “1Westers”. The opening paragraph of the book perfectly illustrates the author disposition as he struggles to separate fact from fiction.

“1981 – one year after Luke Skywalker discovered Darth Vader was his father; one year before Snake-Eyes and Cobra Commander graced Toys ‘R’ Us shelves;”

Oddly, Malone begins his narrative by highlighting characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader who are central figures in the fictional Star Wars franchise. Cobra commander was:

“a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books, and cartoon series. He is the supreme leader of the terrorist organization Cobra, and is the principal antagonist and archenemy of the Joes.”

Perhaps this first-time author wasn’t aware of how much imagery can play a role in turning on or off the reader, framed with cartoon characters and sci-fi legends the inspiration for the title was finally revealed.

“In 2016, NetFlix released Barry, a film chronicling young Obama’s search to find where he fits in this world.”

When questioned about the choice of his book title Barak Obama vs. Black Hebrew Israelites, the author responded,

“ It’s rather extensive what I am outsourcing, the main thing I am outsourcing for people to go check out further is not the net flix movie, I say that’s a launching pad…what is, is a catchy title that works to shed light on a mysterious issue for most people, that’s all!”

Catchy title, launching pad?

During the same Debate Talk 4 U interview co-host Mayanah Johnson asserted that the use of a fictional movie scene as a launching pad for the book was a bit “gimmicky” and suggested that the author was not taking responsibility for misleading his audience with his appeal to emotion. Interestingly enough in a study companion video composed by the author to give more understanding about why he chooses to use Barak Obama’s name in his book, he states he was “mesmerized” by the scene which became the “inspiration” for the title of his book. Shortly after playing the clip the author asks the question, “Did this encounter happen?” He answered his own question by stating, “no one knows for sure yet…” in light of knowing that this scene is/was not necessarily correct, the author proceeded in his video to explain his earlier statement with wild claims, hypothesizing away the scene to make it plausible.

So did he choose the title or did the title choose him?

“Now the second I saw it (the movie scene), when I saw it in the film, I said that’s the title for the book it was just too perfect, you know. It was a way to take something familiar the president of the United States and make it a window to help people understand the unfamiliar… I understood I choose something controversial you can say, it wasn’t accidental I think it was a good creative choice.”

The author’s quote lays a foundation for his hypocritical reasoning, Vocab Malone intentionally used a fictionalized scene because in his estimation it was  the “perfect” hook (title) to market his book.

How does this relate to the author and 1West?

Recently in a video discussing the history of 1West leadership, Vocab Malone and a well-informed man who goes by the name Abu reviewed documentary clips that they sourced from Hebrew Histographer, Uzziel Lewi, the topic addressed the modern claims made by 1 West camps. In the video clip shown by the two “urban apologist” non-1West, Israelite elder Chief of Chief Naphtali confessed that according to his recollection those who were alive in the time of Abba Bivens knew that the now infamous Twelve Tribes Chart was just a tool or rather “the hook” used to get the intended audience.

After hooking the prospective adherent the elder Abba Bivens was to have said, “then we wire them up to the truth.” Chief of Chief Naphtali went on to say that the later generations may not have been aware of the true intent of “the hook” and later began to teach it (chart) as truth.

Malone found this confession noteworthy taking the opportunity to condemn this “gimmicky hustle,” and deceptive marketing ploy. The former pastor of Roosevelt Community Church went on to admonish his Christian listeners with these haunting words of caution:

“Everyone just stops and process that, this speaks volumes to issues of integrity and actually how you understand truth,”

In light of what we have reviewed in this article hopefully, it is becoming clear to the reader that Malone and 1West founders share common evangelical strategies, both are keen on using “the hook,” to draw people to the core of their “truths.”

Closing words from the author,

“There is a little morality tale in their for Christians… we must make sure we are not utilizing things we know are not exactly right or precise just so that someone would get “saved”… I’m just making sure we hold the mirror up to ourselves.” -Vocab Malone

*This article has been updated to correct an inaccuracy in the earlier edition 12/25/2017


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