Sister, Are You Out of Order?

One of the most common refrains among Israelites is “The women are out of order!”
This accusation is usually made by men, but there are women who parrot the claim just as energetically as their counterparts. Womanhood 101 examines this idea but not in the way you might expect.

If you have ever heard the expression “there’s levels to this” it will take on new meaning when you read Womanhood 101. The book will be offered soon but Lit Balm offers you a free first look. Click here for your sample booklet! Womanhood 101 – Sample (Book Preview)

Biblical Womanhood 101 is a brief introduction to how to create a healthy and sustainable feminine identity, within a biblical context that is sometimes understood to be deeply androcentric, and often presented through a masculine lens. This sample is a preview to introduce the importance of the 8 phases of biblical womanhood. The full-text reader will go into much greater detail and Most High willing will be published this Spring. The book will serve as a diagnostic tool as well as an introduction to what being a woman of the Word means and looks like and contains additional material such as real-world application, bible study, word study and Q&A for each section! This sample is being used to help me assess its potential reception and what areas I should write more extensively about based on the areas sisters report resonated most with them.  (30 pages)


Enhanced Accessibility is available for this text on Youtube with closed caption

The Discussion Questions are available online

Update: The response to the free sample has been amazing! So many of the women who have read the book have shared how much just this introduction has affected their lives. Please continue to share your feedback with me by inboxing me on social media or emailing me at Your feedback is important to me, please share your review:


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