R Kelly’s “Sexual Deviancy” Could be a Result of “Brain-Damage”

R. Kelly and the Government Shut down are two extremely hot button topics dominating the headlines in early 2019. The Lifetime Channel recently aired a six part documentary, Surviving R Kelly, that has breathed new life into the singer’s Sex Cult allegations. A myriad of women are stepping into the spotlight to accuse the singer in the days and weeks after the show aired; they have appeared as guests on morning shows, podcasts and national television.

Meanwhile the Feeling on Your Booty and I believe I can Fly Grammy award winner celebrated his 52nd birthday early this month  at a Chicago’s Night  Club; the viral live stream revealed screaming women  making shocking statements like, “take me hostage.”


Locking him up in jail is not the answer he is sick – Iyanla Vanzant


In a recent interview Iyanla of Fix My Life  disclosed that R Kelly came to her show for help but he did not “meet one of the criteria.”

They still don’t know what caused my problem. -R Kelly (Soulocoaster)

How can his life be “fixed” without understanding the real problem? Recently, I delved into the matter on my Soulnomics YouTube Channel. From this new perspective, I attempt to explain some of R. Kelly’s seemingly unexplainable behavior in my series titled Unraveling R Kelly. As a researcher who self-identifies as a “Soul Improvement Expert”, I use my #soulonomics method to flesh out my hypothesis to excavate the root of the problem with R. Kelly. The entry point for this discussion is R. Kelly’s own autobiography “Soulocoaster” where he admitted to possibly being ”brain-damaged.”




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