My Partner in Jealousy – Section II.2 “Language”

LitBalm presents another free chapter from The Poly-Gamē | Unpacking the Acceptance of Polygyny among Women In and Out of Biblical Contexts. Part 2 MY PARTNER IN JEALOUSY: Section II.2 Language takes a look at countries in Africa and Asia to investigate the truth regarding the supposition that influence from “the West” is the culprit for female jealousy in the United States and what languages native to these spaces can tell us about intrafemale conflict between women in concurrent partnerships (polygyny). Section II.2 also revisits Tanak (Old Testament)  & Deutro-canonical texts (Sirach) for a look at what the accounts and the Hebrew have to say. If you missed the  Intro & Section I “Definitions”  (click here)  now.

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In the custom of bringing research to rhetoric; the electronic version of  this chapter has the following  features: Pictures, maps, table of contents list (linked to take you directly to the portion of the article you would like to visit or revisit), notations (linked directly to endnotes),  biblical references (linked to their verses), endnotes (linked to return you to your last page), discussion questions & works cited list with over 50 references! Join the community conversations on FB and feel free to SUBSCRIBE & SHARE.

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A.S. Johnson (Mayanah HaSoferet) is a Masters candidate, formally trained in the discipline of Cultural Anthropology at the CWE – City College of New York. She has studied ancient Hebrew culture and its application in contemporary urban spaces for over two decades. HaSoferet is a committed community leader, specializing in reclaiming accurate biblical feminine identities and protecting intellectual integrity wherever it is threatened or compromised.

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