My Partner In Jealousy

Translation: [Frame 1] (Man) Adjoah, Since you cannot give me children, here is your new co-wife!! (Woman) This thing is my co-wife,  you say this!! [Frame 2] (Man) Adjoah, have you seen your second? After she arrived I haven’t seen her !! (Woman) I, myself, do not know!! (Co-wife) Help!!  Translation provided by Mayanah HaSoferet the original comic can be found here

For Part 2 of The Poly-Gamē | Unpacking the Acceptance of Polygyny among Women In and Out of Biblical Contexts Mayanah HaSoferet delves deeper for a closer look at the argument that a) polygamy is “about sisterhood” and b) that issues of female jealousy are informed by influence from “the West” and is not an issue for women who have remained in their cultural contexts. By citing how languages play a part in reflecting the culture and what language says about how women understand and respond to polygamy in “un-narrated” and “uncoached” spaces, she gives the reader a chance to (re)consider what they believe about jealousy and intrafemale conflict. Throughout the work, biblical ancestors and artifacts are re-visited and discussed to see how the Hebrew Bible factors into the way we understand what polygamy looked like for the chosen people.

Part 2: My Partner in Jealousy, has 7 installments; to get the Intro & Section I “Definitions”  (click here)  now. Section II.2 “Language” has already been received exclusively by LitBalm for release next week (2017- Oct.9). Other sections will become available throughout the remainder of the year – SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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Table of Contents



Section I Definitions  click now! 

What is polygamy?

What is jealousy?

What is Culture?

Section II Culture     coming soon

      1. Artifacts

Proverbs and Psalms

Let’s take this outside…

     2.Language     click now!

Terms of Embitterment

Two to Bear Witness










Conclusion   coming soon



A.S. Johnson (Mayanah HaSoferet) is a Masters candidate, formally trained in the discipline of Cultural Anthropology at the CWE – City College of New York. She has studied ancient Hebrew culture and its application in contemporary urban spaces for over two decades. HaSoferet is a committed community leader, specializing in reclaiming accurate biblical feminine identities and protecting intellectual integrity wherever it is threatened or compromised.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Are you suggesting a report on the television show? Or is there something specific about the general co-wife/ sister wife dynamic that you would like to see explored?

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