Majestically (Poetry)

My mind

Wrapped with fabric of the ancients

The cloth masterfully spun and purified

Gleaming in glow of the sun

Cut and fashioned perfectly, I humbled myself as she wrapped my head ever so gently

Crown me majestically

Covered in divine decree

My face you may say looks displeased

Why yes, I am consumed with sore displeasure

Wisdom has been rejected

My eyes compelled to behold folly

Zeal burning within

You want her, this I know

I envision your embrace

Whispering foul words as you draw her closely

She lies undisturbed in your bosom, you have totally forgotten me

Folly silently destroys you and you rejoice in her false humility

Disgusted yet compelled to stand, so here I am

My neck, gracefully adorned with precious stones, ears attentive to repentant tones

So much understanding

Springs and showers

I know one day you will return

For now I stand lips curled, eyes penetrating, face glistening, breath abating, majestically adorned

Divine wisdom

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About Author
Emunah Y’srael is an expert in DIY Soul Improvement with over 20 years actively dedicated to her own soul journey. She is the creator of the a myriad of self-improvement projects. Emunah has authored to date four books, all available on amazon.

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