Josh of Absolute Bible Truth promises two females a verbal “butt whipping” live on air

The internet has become a playground full of wimpy kids, bullies, deviants and innocent bystanders. It is a place we go to get answers, ask question and create alter egos that soothes or excites the savage beast within. Everything we desire is right at our fingertips. In the corner of our virtual world lies prime real estate, some set up stores and others soap boxes.  The pure in heart are few and far in between their voices often drowned out by the loud chatter of charismatic leaders, teachers and pseudo intellectuals. These types are magnets for people looking to be intellectually stimulated and subconsciously mislead. The universal principle of give and receive are still alive in this realm,  virtual leaders create material and get paid in social currencies; likes, shares and comments.

In the past decade social giants like Blog Talk and YouTube have opened their platforms for everyday people to become radio personalities, commenter’s and entertainers. Religious hopefuls have also taken this as an opportunity to capture the attention of those  in search of the truth. One such hopeful is Josh of Absolute Bible Truth (ABT) a bible based ministry out of Atlanta, Georgia. Josh and his team joined the ranks of many on YouTube back in December of 2010. During the next nine years Josh tried other platforms, however, he would become most notable on a debate platform known as Debate Talk 4U (DT4U) run by Sal Showtime an “average joe” who quickly gained a reputation for being a fair producer.  DT4U is a weekly debate forum that focuses on giving participants and audience members the opportunity to explore controversial topics in a respectful way. The host and producer Sal Showtime prided himself on having a “clean and professional” show and can be heard in almost every episode reminding the the special guests to watch their behavior because people are listening in from around the world with their “children, families and even the elderly.”

Josh of ABT has a long-standing record on the show, he has been an active participant since season one even though he was never offered his own segment. Over the years Josh established himself as a DT4U favorite who admittedly says he made a name for himself  “teaching and debating,” he holds his position on the platform in high esteem and asserts that he has rightfully earned his bragging rights. Although historically his animated performances made for a good show in recent years  DT4U spectators and opponents have come to see his colorful antics as derogatory and excessive at times.

Recently, and for the “first time” Josh promised to unleash his personalized style of “butt whipping” on two females, (Emunah Y’srael and Mayanah Johnson.) These two women aren’t random women,  they actually happened to be apart of the Debate Talk 4U platform. Emunah Y’srael joined the ranks of DT4U during the fifth season back in October of 2015. After a few appearances that year Sal invited Emunah on his platform to help balance it out, she was affectionately given the title “the first lady” of DT4U. Emunah accepted the call to serve the community and took it as an opportunity to bring some healing energy into a male dominated  arena.

Sal’s DT4U invite came at the same time that Emunah started producing her own podcast titled Soulonomics. Mayanah Johnson of Ha Nasheem was one of her first guests. In February of 2016 at Emunah’s behest Mayanah would be added to the DT4U family as a permanent panelist on The Relationship Challenge (TRC). Mayanah brought more than her voice to the table she would go on to become the social media specialist for the brand. Behind the scenes she produced marketing material, moderated groups, and promoted shows for the entire DT4U family and its special guests. Sal often expressed how blessed he was by Mayanah’s presence adding, “you make the brand look good,” later he rewarded Mayanah with her own show titled Under the Palm.

Up until two weeks ago  Josh of ABT  and the women had never crossed paths, three seasons elapsed before their worlds would collide. On January 25, 2019 just four days after the show returned from an emergency hiatus due to producer Sal Showtime’s life threatening heart condition, Josh launched a challenge to all “Torah Onlies.” The Tanakh Challenge was a call and response exercise issued to all Old Testament observers. In the first few minutes of his lesson/challenge Josh expressed his displeasure with Tanakh part of the Hebrew community, he openly chastised them for their overall behavior on social media and declared that 99.9% of that community was the problem with the except of one or two. At certain parts of his presentation he would briefly implicate his fellow Messianics but then immediately exclude them by saying, “I aint talking about them right now!”

The Tanakh Challenge and it’s double meaning:

 “The reason it is called a Tanakh Only Challenge is because it is challenging those who claim they only subscribe to the Tanakh to actually get out and teach the Tanakh instead of spending 99.9% of the time attacking Christians and Messianic Hebrew believers.” -Josh


“Challenging them to Challenge me on what I’m about to teach about the Tanakh and whether I’m qualified or if I’m twisting anything or if I just don’t know what I’m talking about.” -Josh

The two stipulations laid out in the beginning of the challenge was to teach strictly Tanak lessons, to not attack Christians and Messianics but instead to challenge Josh on his lesson who happens to be a Messianic. How was someone suppose to teach a Tanak lesson without mentioning a Messianic or the New Testament and critic Josh who is a Messianic at the same time?

Emunah and Mayanah decided to accept the challenge and appeared as special hosts of the segment Peer Review 4U. The peer review session was formally added to the lineup in September of 2018 that show was unfortunately postponed because of Sal’s near fatal hospitalization around that time. Peer Review 4U launched officially January 28, 2019 as a segment where anyone could contact the producer to review the work of their peers respectfully.

The Tanakh Challenge Accepted attempted to trace Josh’s footsteps and revisit his presentation on strife and contention. Josh was alerted that the show would take place, he was invited on air and welcomed at the table.  During their presentation Emunah and Mayanah agreed with several points Josh made, they also filled in certain grey areas that lacked accuracy and gave detailed feedback on undeveloped assertions. Much of the listening audience who called in agreed with the material the women presented. Josh and his ABT supporters, however, did not agree and  showed their hot displeasure in the comment section under the video.

On Febuary 15 at 8 pm Josh took to the airwaves to express his feelings about the feedback the women had given him. According to Josh, Peer Review 4U was an “epic fail” because the  women did not “teach a lesson”.  During the class Josh attempted to enticed the listeners with the promise of exposing the women as “fakes and phonies.” He claimed he had receipts (screenshots) forwarded to him by the producer and would email them to anyone who desired to see them. He also claimed the women took the challenge as an opportunity attack him, because he “wasn’t event talking to them”.   Josh contended that Mayanah and Emunah meddled in an argument that was not theirs and;

they took a dog by the ears and this dog about to bite them repeatedly tonight


This statement is in reference to the Proverb 26:7 a cautionary saying referring to a person who meddles in quarrels not their own. In the above quote Josh identifies himself as the dog which is ironic given the theme of his previous lesson centered around condemning people who love “contention and strife.”  During Josh’s public tirade Mayanah Johnson called in to let the listening audience know that she also had “receipts” that she was currently posting in the DT4U lair.  Sal and Mayanah were both admins in this group, shortly after the receipts were posted they mysteriously disappeared in a coverup attempt to stop the full story from surfacing. She was immediately blocked from the group she helped to set up some three years ago on facebook.   Mayanah further questioned Josh asking him specifically if she or Emunah attacked him in their presentation, to this question he responded “no.” Their exchange was short-lived because Josh soon grew frustrated with Mayanah ultimately asking Sal to mute her; Sal obliged.

Even though the listening audience heard Josh admitting he was never attacked by the women he still  continued to use his remaining  time on air to verbally lambaste them with every derogatory term he could think of; the list includes but is not limited to deceptive, demons, desperate, delusional, clout chasing, thirsty, Jezebel, wicked, hungry, bootleg, zombies. Emunah later called in to ask Josh if he understood what the terms slander and false witness meant, he accurately defined them for her. Shortly after being told that he was guiltily of all the above he promptly told Sal to mute Emunah’s mic as well. This attempt at silencing his “enemies” is Josh’s modus operandi, unfortunately, has  yet to realize that he is not the only one with the right to be heard.

Did Emunah and Mayanah really deserve to get a verbal “butt whipping” from Josh of ABT?

Click the link and judge for yourself.

“In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.”

Provers 10:19


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