Holy Infidelity (Poetry)

Seven women tried out for one role

He promised to call you back

You waited

Good news

We picked you to come on board the project

Or business

Or what ever he chooses to call his enterprise

Call backs happen often

The role of wife is reoccurring

His impulsive nature is the reason

You must abandon the thought

Holy Infidelity

You read the script

Your replaceable

Just a small part of the play

New shiny things

Are irresistible

Who commits to just one

That’s boring

I am a man’s man

Way too much for just one woman

All who have eyes can see

Just how fertile, virile and capable he can be

Don’t even try

No trying to domesticate his insatiable appetite

Holy Infidelity

Nation Building

Owner of many lands

Unsympathetic to the nature of woman

Let me help you out

You were designed to serve him

To have him tell it

Don’t fight the feeling

Or try to change now

No ad-libbing

Or acting sour

You agreed


Holy Infidelity

A pair is two, any thing more would make it odd

Who taught you how to count

This is about splitting, fractions, sharing, breaking

He is the common denominator

You and your counterparts are all numerators

Top heavy improper fractions

It works because he says so


No wait you have to squint your eyes

Good, now turn your head

Aha there it is!

Shining like a beacon of light

Holy Infidelity

Please ignore that gnawing feeling in your core

It will go away soon

You will become numb to the pain

You agreed


Holy Infidelity

Now listen good

It is most advantageous of you to learn to share

There are other sisters out there

Don’t you want for her what you want for yourself?

Selfish, selfless, righteous, wicked Jezebel spirit having woman

Harsh right

That’s because you use your western mind to see

In the East..

You are an ordinal number

Whose day is it anyway

Who gets to visit his chambers

Who gets to wash his clothes

Who gets to cook his food

To rub his toes

Which bosom does he lay in

Whose turn is it to giggle from his caress

Every night is an audition

The best wife goes too..

But sh… don’t tell her,  I know you are suppose to be friends

She might become jealous and your friendship might end

Does this irk you

I hope not

Stuck as a stand in

Tight casted into this role

Statistics mingled with fear

Deliberating your future

Half a man is better than none

Drowning in your own loneliness

Part-time lover


Holy Infidelity

Just making the mark

No sin in that

Think about the broken homes

How else can we fix that

You rehearsed your lines

Over and over again

But then…

Her perfume

Lingered in his hair

On his clothes

Your nature arose

Inflamed your thought

You forgot your lines

Repulsed by his presence

You passed on getting your fill of love



Abdicating your portion

As acting wife number 3

Just like that

The show must go on

Another number, another face

Holy Infidelity

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About Author
Emunah Y’srael is an expert in DIY Soul Improvement with over 20 years actively dedicated to her own soul journey. She is the creator of the a myriad of self-improvement projects. Emunah has authored to date four books, all available on amazon.

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