God Ain’t Blind (Book Review)

God Ain’t Blind (2009) 

3 Stars (3 / 5)

This is my second introduction to the work of Mary Monroe, I know I am late but that’s the thing about written work you can discover it in your own time. I have found reading fiction as a welcomed break from the heaviness of pouring over slave narratives, like those narratives I am able to see a common thread that runs through both genres.

The narrative is centered around failed communication and a misrepresentation of reality. Monroe proves the ol’ adage to be true “misery loves company.”  So many lessons can be learned if we as they say in the Caribbean ‘take sleep and mark death.” Monroe weaves a tale of matrimonial infidelity, dysfunctionalality and exploitation into a comical and sometimes dramatic experience. Her choice of explicative words sometimes jars the reader because like a deer on a lonely road in the back bush the author comes out of nowhere with them. Watching how adultery unfolds how it becomes the gate way to transgressing so many other laws was a great take away from the story.

It was a good read for the purpose of studying the African American culture, the fall out and after effects of enslavement and to see how much art and life are paralleled.

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