Examining Biblical Sister Cultures & Multiple Wives in the Torah

For the past decade or more, the topic of polygyny and its present cultural appropriation has intrigued me, to say the least. Over the years I have engaged in hours of study, meditation and private/public conversations about this very controversial and sometimes divisive topic. What is polygyny? It is a relationship model that transcends religious or secular bounds. The official definition of polygyny is polygamy in which the man has more than one wife. Various cultures across the globe have laid hold to this marriage strategy for a myriad of reasons from time memorial.

Israelite evangelism has roused thousands of men and women from their slumber with loud proclamations and high ideals about rights and wrongs. This mass resurgence of zealous adherents seeking to apply biblical customs and culture helped to spawn countless doctrines, cultivate worldwide ministries and inadvertently derail many lost souls. Sadly, Israelite’s in the west many of whom know nothing about the correct practice of polygyny tend to oversimplify their reasons for wanting to take part in it. Simply, Abraham did it, Jacob did it, David did it, Gideon did it, Solomon did it so on and so forth.

‘Nation building’ is a term loosely used to refer to the practice of having multiple wives, this very practice in many instances have served to do the opposite, as opposed to building their trial and error version has served as a stumbling block, breaking apart marriages and aiding in the breakdown of many families. Oddly, there was a time that I rarely spoke about my personal opinions in public yet during the course of this extensive study I took meticulous notes, as I knew one day I would have to share my findings with you. That day has come, there is way too much happening, so much hurt, pain and exploitation and people looking for answers.

Why so long? I have had experiences in my personal life that further gave me clarity that understanding this aspect of our culture is a key element to success as a nation. I had to take the time to wade through the “personal feelings” in order to get to the crux and truth of the matter. You know what’s funny? One of the first things I heard upon entering into Israelite ‘truth’ was literally, “did you know a man could have more than one wife?” From that point on I saw the ‘choice’ or ‘option’ become a mandate. Men and women under the influence of these men practically shoving this doctrine of multiple wives down the throats of others.

Women are the prime targets group,  if for any reason she isn’t receptive to the idea her reputation could be in grave jeopardy. Among other things, she is classed as a Jezebel, selfish westernized wicked women against ‘nation building’ and the Creator. Women are not the only ones browbeaten into this ‘lifestyle choice’ men who are content to dwell with one wife may find himself classified a ‘weak,’ ‘punk’ or someone who is not in control of his household

Why the aggressive campaign for Polygyny?

Personal interpretation of scriptures, population disparity, and the ‘wicked duti Babylon system’ are a few major tools being used to condition newly awakened into acceptance of this relationship paradigm. “Its law,” many proclaim, “it’s in the bible,” they declare the truth is some of those statements have validity. It is indeed in the scriptures as are many others practices that the nation of Israel has subscribed to during antiquity.

Today, I will share one aspect of this multiple part report, Keep in mind the information will be presented with a wide angle lens in order to bring into view the older sister cultures that were present contemporary to the birth of the nation of Israel. Multiple wives is not a new concept, neither is it an Israelite invention, let us glean some understanding from the historical records.

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