Does Taking Multiple Wives Guarantee Economic/ Generational Success?

In theory, many wives equal many children and many children automatically equal wealth, status, power; right? Religion, human nature, “man shortage,” secular understanding and/or long-held cultural traditions are some of the reasons given by men and women for why they choose to engage in polygamy. Biblical polygamy may look different from secular; the polygamist Muslim may have a different set of guidelines than let’s say a Mormon polygynist.

Instead of looking for differences we will attempt to investigate what they all have in common; access to multiple female partners. Why is this important for this study? Well glad you asked, this will be the common denominator that we will use to answer the question, Does taking Multiple Wives Guarantee Economic/Generational Success?

Leaders from groups such as the Mormons, the Muslims, and the Hebrews fervently share their religious/cultural views on the importance of this marriage strategy. Amongst these prominent groups, men and women come together to paint an idealistic portrayal of polygamy, a picture that many anti-polygamist are convinced does not exist. This section as promised will take a closer look at the practical application of the utopian vision of “multiple wives,” to see whether it holds up to its praise and scrutiny.

To recap if you are a new reader please be aware that this is a series of articles examining polygyny from different aspects, biblically, culturally, personally, economically, logically and more. If you would like to catch up on the previous installments click here.

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