Do Random ‘White’ People Unapologetically Invade Your Space?

What would happen if an elderly ‘black’ man walked up to a ‘white’ thirty-something-year-old woman in a supermarket and started whispering to her? Even more what if his conversation went something like this; “you better guard your children closer or I am going to take them home with me.” In the midst of his warning, he peers over to where her children are standing orderly and quiet awaiting their mother’s return from grabbing some cherry tomatoes. The mother takes a double take and realizes it’s the same elderly man who had eyed them in the parking lot. It appears that this chance meeting is him actually stalking them, hiding out behind the display of bananas for just the right moment to deliver his message. Unexpected and surprised by his forwardness the ‘white’ woman may react in a number of ways;

  1. She can’t think of a response because his suggestion was so vile
  2. She asks the old ‘black man’ for clarity
  3. She  yells for store security , and continues to scream aloud until they arrive
  4. She decides to just ignore him and walk away, throwing a racial epithet over her shoulder as she leaves

It is hard to imagine what a ‘white woman’ would say if approached by an old ‘black’ man about taking her children away as pets because in my experience this almost never happens. What does happen, more often than I am comfortable with is what I have termed “residuals.” This is the thought process and actions of some ‘white’ people mainly older who feel they have the right to poke, prod, pry and quiz random ‘black’ women they encounter in public about their life, the status of their marriage, their work status etc.

The scenario above is real it happened to me this very day.  I have grown accustomed to the stares, the whispering, the forwardness of some people but what I still grapple with every time I go out my doors is the, “what gives you the right,” factor. I live in a southern city where ‘black’ people are not an anomaly but apparently so-called ‘black’ people who look like me are. We create dissonance in the mind of some ‘white’ Americans, we seem to defy the narrative of the stereotypical ‘black’ family;  all types of people are drawn to us, like a moth to a flame.

Enter here random ‘white’ woman/man who runs up to children, blocking our passage, walking around the store until they get a chance meeting only to comment on our appearance or behavior of my children;

“Oh, they are so cute, did you make their hats, can I touch your scarf, where are you from, they are so well-behaved…”

This has become the norm even the children have grown immune to strange ‘white’ people running up to them or looking through the window at the health food store to ‘count heads.’ Every now and then you get one, brazen, bare face, unbelievably disrespectful person who crosses the line.

“Do your children have a father?”

“Can’t you find something else to do?” Facetiously referring to the number of children that I have and even going as far as to suggest that taking the time to read a book would suit me better.

At the top of the list  though is the ‘man-stealing threats/lame joke’ of taking my children home with them for no other reason than they want to. Like the puppy in the window, some one-hundred-fifty-two years after emancipation, descendents of ‘white’ master/oppressors, are still in search of cute little ‘black’ babies to swoon over.

Do ‘white’ people still think they have the right to ‘blacks as slaves?”

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in all my time of pseudo celebrity-dom here in this city I can’t recall a time another melinated person threatened to take my children because they were so ‘cute’. There are no ‘black’ men crossing the line insisting on telling stale jokes about abducting them.

My point is and please help me out on this one; Is it me or have you or anyone you know met any random ‘white’ people that insist on violating your personal space, touching your hair, trying to say things about or to your children without permission and or asking you about your financial standing as if you applied to them for a loan.

If your answer is yes, could this be proof positive that even though we are living in a post slavery society, some ‘white’ people still think they are entitled to ‘black’ bodies.

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