Cultural Amnesia, House Help or Help Mates?

So glad you are back, I understand that many of us have an emotional investment in this topic which can make exploring it openly a difficult experience. This is the fifth installment of the Polygyny article series and I am super excited that you have chosen to continue. I read all of your comments and welcome discussion on the information shared here.

Now that we have the formalities out-of-the-way I have a yet another confession to make, ready? After years of discussing and reviewing this topic I regret to inform you about a very serious epidemic. Cultural amnesia! For some odd reason both men and women alike tend to ignore a central figure in the households of antiquity.

When advocating for polygyny men and women alike give the following as reasons to support their pro-poly stance, “the first wife needs help around the house, more wives can help with raising more children, the first wife needs someone to talk to, the man wants to build and empire or set up an economic powerhouse.” The concept of taking one wife to help another wife with her house hold chores adds a fascinating spin to household politics of antiquity. It makes for a nice heartwarming sentiment but is it true or historical correct?

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