Breed Her (Poetry)

Close your mouth and open your lips to the thoughts of my mind, he whispered

Breed Her

His one-eyed vision caused them both to became blind

Breed Her

Man and woman in the heat of the moment, he set the goal and she co-signed

Breed Her

One hit wonders giving into their lower nature

Breed Her

He ‘smashed’ now he hates her, in the aftermath of their exploits he berates her

Breed Her

She get’s the blame, possession of a baby is her shame

Breed Her

Their progeny bringing them misery, in and out of parental drudgery

Breed Her

Woman you trusted the wrong one, how can you trust at all.

Breed Her

Desiring marriage, love and security you all have some gall!

Breed Her with more than unwanted seed,
Breed her with your foul energies,
Breed her with self-fulfilling prophesies,
Breed her with religious, ideological fallacies,
Breed her with dreams deferred
Breed her with jealous
Breed her if you dare
Breed her with no fear
Breed her and she will conceive
Breed her only to multiple what was in your seed

Sow & reap time ?


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