Blissfully Ignorant (Poetry)

Blissfully Ignorant

Obstinately Defiant

Choosing to ignore all facts that don’t mesh with your theory

Seeking, speaking , living truth makes you weary

A marathon not a sprint

Refreshing yourself  at the water station of life

Cool taste of wisdom or sweet folly

Which will you choose to quench your undying thirst to know

Which do you desire?

Burning fires, gathering around the pit

Herds grazing of the words sprouting from the soil of your mind

Manipulated, GMO short-lived

Disappointed, blissfully ignorant

Unclean vessels


Energy used to demean, oppress, subjugate

Elated that they have all gathered around

For your feast of fatten calves, wine and strong drink

You clear your throat and step up high

Standing tall on the pulpits of their minds

Rise from your seats and bow down , blissfully ignorant

Spoken with a sliver of truth, mixed with lies, seasoned with fragrant aromatic spices

Drink up, can you feel the spirit move

Knowledge has intoxicated you

Wisdom has eluded you

Understand is not a friend

And still…you refuse

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About Author
Emunah Y’srael is an expert in DIY Soul Improvement with over 20 years actively dedicated to her own soul journey. She is the creator of the a myriad of self-improvement projects. Emunah has authored to date four books, all available on amazon.

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