Ancient Documents Reveal Shocking Revelation About the Origins of Polygyny

The more things change is the more they stay the same. Solomon the son of David credited  as being the wisest man there ever was. In the book of ecclesiastics he penned the very famous line, “there is nothing new under the sun.” With that said if you missed the first article on polygyny feel free to read it before you go ahead with the second installment in the series. In this piece I will share my finding as it relates to the question, who introduced the taking of many women?

How about some shock value? Ok let’s start here, one of the most shocking concepts I have come across over the years is what I am about to reveal. Ready? According to apocryphal sources the fallen angels introduced the concept of fornication to man, but wait there is more research also classifies the practice of polygyny as a form of fornication. Don’t fly off the handle, close the computer or press that little x button on the top of this article just yet, give me a chance to share the #facts.

It’s in the bible, our ancestors did it,  the Most High allowed it, Moses regulated it; are you trying to say the Creator gave us a license to sin? Focus, the name of the article is about the origins of the practice so please give me just a  few minutes share the proof text that says polygyny is a form of fornication and fornication was introduced to humanity by the fallen ones.

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