A Western Push for Polygamy in the Nineteenth Century

For some, this study may seem farfetched but I implore you that patience and research will open the gates of understanding on this very complex subject. To recap in the article Polygyny Article | Sister Cultures we discovered that Israel had sister cultures that also subscribed to the practice of multiple marriages. In the second instalment  Polygyny Article Part Two Origins we discovered that according to the fragments of Zadok the practice of taking more than one wife simultaneously  “fornication.”

Now if I may I would like to fast forward to a more recent history. Picture it pre-civil war America, slavery is still legal and the Christian climate in American if bubbling with religious fervor and evangelism. One man was able to rise above the chatter, his teaching garnering thousands of followers who are still here today some two hundred years later.

To find out who, why and what gave polygyny center stage  in a mainstream  Judea-Christian monogamous society.

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