A Good Intention (A Short Story)

Once there was a boy named Noah. He lived with his parents and siblings on the country side. All of the children in the family had their own personalities and Noah was the one who always wanted to help.

One summer morning Noah’s baby sister came into the room exclaiming, “I’m Thirsty.” Noah jumped up, “No worry sister I will get you something to drink.” He rushed off to the kitchen, grabbed a glass and began to fill her cup from the water jug. Noah in his haste filled the cup to the brim, the water began to overflow spilling on the floor. “Opps,” said Noah, I don’t have time to clean that now he thought, my baby sister is thirsty.

Off the little boy ran to his sister, “Here you go,” he said as he handed her the water. “Thanks big brother,” she said as she took a sip.

A few minutes later Noah’s baby sister ran out of the room into the kitchen. Her little feet taking her as fast as she could go. Suddenly, a loud “Ahhh,” rang out.

Noah’s baby sister slipped on the water and busted her head on the floor.
Noah looked dazed and confused. His mother ran to the kitchen in a frantic rush, there she found her baby hurting on floor. “What happen,” she demanded to know. By now all the children  around the scene. Noah looking suspect hung his head, and whispered, “It’s my fault.” The mother was sorely displeased and Noah got a firm reprimand. He had to apologize to his sister and spend time alone in his room.
His mother instructed that he should not come out until he learns the moral of this story.

Help Noah please share what you took away from the story.
What is the moral?

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